Natalya Brashovetska- Proposal for Master Classes – Great Southern Workshops


I know it seems a long  time away – October next year in 2017 – however Natalya’s workshop at the same time with Wendy Bailye at The Felt Studio in Brisbane is already full!

Great Southern Workshops is excited to be able to bring Natalya for the first time to WA to teach her world renowned felted shoes & bags.

There are very limited places in this workshop so I thought you may be interested.

You will be learn to make professional shoe designs for any occasion. In just three days a personally fitted, comfortable pair of shoes and a beautiful bag will be created.

I have attached Natalya’s workshop descriptions.  I have chosen the shoes over the boots.  Let me know your thoughts.

The materials needed will be in kit form, including wool, shoe lasts ( your size to take home), soles, innersoles, heel boxes etc made up by Natalya personally for you and will cost approx. $140ish.  We are still costing.  I thought I had better let you know of the amount of materials so no one is surprised, although I doubt you would be able to buy handmade, quality felted shoes and a bag for this price.

Please share this to your other felting friends. Payment is not due now, only a commitment to doing the workshop so I can inform Natalya that WA is a definite goer!

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Warmth from Chez

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