MACRO|micro Explorations in felt

Exhibition held: 20 August – 4 Sept, 2016. Gallery Central (Central TAFE), 12 Aberdeen St, Perth, Western Australia

Feltmakers are constantly seeking new ways to create patterns and texture in felt.  We endeavour to push the boundaries of structure and shape, hoping to find new purpose for our ancient craft.  Inspiration has always come from the world around us but new technologies allow the exploration of different realms; telescopes like Hubble allow us to see the beauty of the MACRO and equipment like electron scanning microscopes open the patterns and colours of the invisible micro.

Combined with the profusion of social media we are bombarded with new images on a daily basis as most scientific and technology based organisations have a Facebook page and are sharing their discoveries with anyone who cares to look.  As an organisation Feltwest must engage in this evolving technology to stay relevant and as such will embrace the myriad of portals to inform and share these new realms with our members to inform and inspire their exploration of the MACRO and micro worlds.  The Feltwest technology team will utilize our Facebook page and website to communicate these ideas with our members.