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FeltWEST May 2018 Meeting

 Saturday Felting 19 May, 2018. Mini Workshop by Dale Rollerson – silk strippings and silk rods. Dale Rollerson of The Thread Studio ran a mini-workshop/demo of silk strippings and silk rods. They are both waste product in the process of spinning silk. Silk strippings –  is cocoon waste that cannot be spun. It still contains […]

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TnT 2018 April 21 NB spiral a

FeltWEST April 2018 Meeting

 Saturday Felting 21 April, 2018. Mini Workshop by Nancy Ballesteros – 9 different ways to layout felt. Nancy provided a number of charts as a visual example of the layouts, to show direction of laying. The dots and an arrows to show the direction of laying. The denser end of the wool will be at […]

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NINE WAYS TO LAY-OUT WOOL MINI WORKSHOP/DEMO by Nancy Ballesteros FeltWest Toss ‘n Tell day,  21 April, 10:00 -11:30 (and stay after lunch to continue felting) Come along to FeltWest. for a mini workshop/demo by Nancy Ballesteros.  She will show you the hows and whys for nine different wool lay-outs. Bring along your felting equipment […]

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