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Nuno Felt Tops Workshop – tutor May J Hvistendahl

May J. Hvistendahl is an internationally renowned felt artist from Norway. Since 1985 she has operated her full time felting studio Ullhuset (Woolhouse). Her specialty is nuno-felted clothing; designing and creating well-fitted, lightweight and durable garments using innovative techniques she has developed over 25 years. May teaches throughout Norway and internationally, including Japan, USA, Australia […]

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Toss ‘n’ Tell Report 16 March 2019 Saturday

Toss ‘n’ Tell Report 16 March 2019 Saturday Mini – demo Playing with Silk Hankies   Nancy Ballesteros gave a very informative talk on “silk hankies” and demonstrated her method of incorporating  them in her felting.   What is purchased as “silk hankies” are actually cocoons of  silkworms, (Bombax Mori)  that feed on mulberry leaves. […]

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Toss N Tell Report Saturday 16 Feb 2019

FeltWEST February 2019 meeting Mini-workshop – Fibre Finesse for Felt Today Sara Quail kindly demonstrated the use of plant fibres for embellishing felt to create texture, subtle bling, sheen and colour variation. Adding non-wool fibre also reduces pilling and increases the structural integrity, allowing for extremely thin layouts. Silk waste, silk spaghetti, soy silk, mulberry […]

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Big Ink Workshop – Tutor F Duthie Reporter M van Zuilen

Big Ink – Surface Design + Garment Construction FeltWEST started its 2019 program with a truly creative bang. Big Ink – Surface Design + Garment Construction (January 31-February 3) was a 4-day workshop hosted by FeltWEST with the amazing felt artist and tutor extraordinaire Fiona Duthie. The workshop filled almost instantly when it opened for […]

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